Working Papers:

Investors’ Attention to Corporate Governance w/ Peter Iliev and Michelle Lowry, Revision Requested at Review of Financial Studies [SSRN]

Experimental Shareholder Activism: A Novel Approach for Studying Top Management Decision Making and Employee Career Issues w/ Keith Leavitt, Conditional Accept at Journal of Vocational Behavior

Published Papers:

Governance Changes through Shareholder Initiatives: The Case of Proxy Access w/ Tara Bhandari and Peter Iliev, Accepted at JFQA, [SSRN]

Analyst Information Acquisition via EDGAR w/ Brian Gibbons and Peter Iliev, Accepted at Management Science [SSRN]

Many Analysis, One Data Set: Making Transparent How Variations in Analytic Choices Affect Results, Advances in Methods and Practices in Psychological Science (2018), w/ Silberzahn, et al.

Internal Governance and Performance: Evidence from When External Discipline is Weak, Journal of Corporate Finance (2017), [SSRN]

Shareholder Rights in Mergers and Acquisitions: Are Appraisal Rights Being Abused?, Finance Research Letters (2017), w/ Clark Lundberg [SSRN]

Daily Data is Bad for Beta: Opacity and Frequency-Dependent Betas The Review of Asset Pricing Studies (2014), w/ Thomas Gilbert, Christopher Hrdlicka, and Stephan Siegel [SSRN]